How long does it take to get my invitations?

We suggest you allow 2-3 weeks from when you pay and provide all your wording until you receive your invites.

The process may take a bit longer if we are doing custom artwork for you.

Feel free to contact us if you are in a hurry and we can see if we can meet your timeframe.

How does the process work?

We have already chosen the paper that best suits each invite, and linked matching envelopes to each product for you to add. Buy the invitation only, or add extra items like matching envelopes, or additional stationery like info cards, or RSVP cards, by ticking the checkboxes when viewing a product. The price will change when you tick a box to add items. We recommend you consider adding the info card and envelopes.

Check out How to Order for more information and a video.

Start with $1 Samples if you like, or go right ahead and order your invites if you are ready.

I bought a digital design, can you print this for me?


Just to make sure, please email me the files you have for you invitations and other stationery at dave@artfulinvites.com.au. I will make sure I can edit or resize if required, check resolution, and make sure I have any fonts required.

As well as sending me your invitation design file, please email me:

·         Quantity and size required for invitations

·         Quantity and size for any separate cards or stationery

·         Would you like a suggestion for matching envelopes?

·         Your timeframe – when you would like your invitations

I will then email you an obligation free quote.

Usually, pricing would be the same as that for my other invitations – eg $2.50 for each invitation for A5 size or similar (approx. 14x20cm), $1.50 each for square 14x14cm invitations. 

I will also suggest which of my high quality 280gsm papers will work best, for example linen or dimpled paper, and if you like can send you paper samples free of charge.

What about my wording?

You can download our Wording Template on our Start My Wedding Wording page and send us your wording either before or after you order your invites. This template can be used for all our wedding invitations and stationery. Send it back to me at dave@artfulinvites.com.au when you are ready. Also, you don't have to use the template if you prefer to just email me your wording as you would like it to read.

We don't expect that you have your wedding invitation wording ready when you place an order.

Please feel free to order your invitations and any additional items you require and we can sort our your wording later. If you haven't downloaded our Wording Template before ordering, we will email it to you after your order comes through.

Can you put the names of guests on the invitations?


We can do this for a fixed additional amount of $50. Add this extra to your shopping cart here.

This involves us sending you a spreadsheet, which you add the names to and send back to us. Please remember this can change the layout of the invitation a bit, as more space is required.

All our invitations as a default option just have the wording invite "you", which allows you to specify your guests names on the envelope for the invitation instead if you don’t require names on each invitation.

Can you put names and addresses on envelopes?


We can’t print on our specialty envelopes, but we can print labels which you can stick on to your envelopes. We can do this for a fixed additional amount of $50. Add this extra to your shopping cart here.

This also involves us sending you a spreadsheet, which you add address details to and send back to us. Add this extra to your shopping cart here. We only recommend this option for standard white or black envelopes. This is because the labels can match these envelopes in colour, but not the premium envelopes.

Do you do sample wedding invitations?


Add to cart and checkout for $1 each with FREE SHIPPING. This is a token amount that helps us share the cost with you a bit. You will also receive envelopes with your sample request. Request 3 or more samples and we will send you a $10 off code to use if you order your invitations with us later on.

Do you do wedding invitation packages?


For each invitation, you can tick checkboxes when viewing any invitation to add any additional items you require, including a matching envelope for the invitation, info cards for gifts and directions, save the date cards with envelopes, and RSVP cards.

Can I have a photo of us as a couple on the invitation?


We have 3 wedding invitations designed for this purpose. All you need to do is purchase your favourite design layout from any of the invitations titled Your Photo Wedding Invitation. You would just need to email me your photo at dave@artfulinvites.com.au either before or after you buy your invitations. The higher resolution your photo the better. The pricing is the same as for our other invitations of the same size.

Can you do custom artwork of our location?


I can do a black and white watercolour painting of your location. This will either be hand painted, digitally hand painted, or a combination of both. We can use any of the wedding invitations with location artwork as a template for the layout and text format.

You can start the process by emailing me at dave@artfulinvites.com.au a photo of your location to work from, either that you have taken, or from the internet, then I can see if your image will work.

If so, I’ll suggest you purchase the design fee for $200. 

What type of printing process do you use?

We do digital printing using one of the best high performance commercial digital printers.

What type of paper do you use for invitations?

We have selected 3 paper types of the highest quality for our invitations – Dimpled Paper 280GSM, Linen Paper 280GSM, and pure white Artboard 300GSM. When we design our wedding invitations, we then test print the design to see which paper type looks the best. When you order a sample, you will receive the invitation printed on the paper type we have chosen in advance.

What about envelopes?

When you are viewing a wedding invitation, you will usually have a choice of 3 alternative envelopes to add by ticking the checkboxes on the right. If you need envelopes, you can add either a premium envelope or a standard envelope.

Our premium envelopes include Metallic Ice Gold, Metallic Ice Silver, Metallic Galvanised and Metallic Chocolate. Our standard envelopes are also very nice and come in White or Kaskad Raven Black.

Our C5 premium envelopes to fit our large 14 x 20cm invitations add an additional $0.99 to the cost of each invitation, and our C5 standard envelopes add an additional $0.65 to the cost of each invitation.

Our square premium envelopes add an additional $0.75 to the cost of each invitation, and our square standard envelopes add $0.50 to the cost of each invitation.

Can you do Save the Dates separately?

When you are viewing a wedding invitation, you can tick a checkbox to order Save the Dates as well. However, we don't have Save the Dates listed separately on our website. If you would like to do your Save the Dates now and deal with your invitations later,  just email me at dave@artfulinvites.com.au your first names, wedding date, quantity needed, black or white envelope preference, and the invitation you would like the Save the Dates to match. The cost will be $1 each (including free envelopes) plus $10 postage. I would just set up a one off listing for you to purchase on my site.

Do you have pictures of the Information cards, Save the Dates, and RSVP cards to match my favourite invitation?


Sometimes when I design new invitations, there may not be photos of the full range of wedding stationery to match that invitation. Please feel free to email me at dave@artfulinvites.com.au if you would like photos of matching wedding stationery for a particular invitation.

What about shipping and returns?

Please see Shipping & Returns.