Start My Wedding Wording

Start your wedding invitation wording now! - download free Wording Template.

The link is a file download of an editable word document, designed for download on a laptop or desktop computer. You can click the document on a mobile phone, but this will only allow you to preview the content.

Our wording template can be used for all our invitations and in one document has everything you will need to give us in terms of wording for your Wedding Invitations, and additional wedding stationery if required such as Information cards, RSVP cards, and Save the Dates.

We don't expect that you have your wedding invitation wording ready when you place an order.

Please feel free to order your invitations and any additional items you require and we can sort our your wording later. We will email you our wording template after your order comes through.

However, it's nice to see what's involved, and you might want to start working on your wording in advance.

You don't have to use the template, so please feel free to just email me your wording at if it's easier.