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Shipping & Returns


Shipping is free for up to 5 free samples. 

If you buy our $10 Sample Pack with every wedding invitation, shipping is $4.50.

Wedding Invitations & Stationery

Shipping is a fixed amount of $10 by Express Post to anywhere in Australia for your wedding invitations and any other wedding stationery you add to your order, if you do not order any signage.

Signage - Wedding Welcome Signs & Wedding Seating Charts

As our signs are large items at 60x90cm postage is a bit more expensive.

When you order signage, there are checkboxes on the right to select your destination. After you make your selection, the sign cost of $90 will change to include the postage cost. For example, if you select Greater Sydney, the price displayed will change to $90 + $20 = $110. The signage postage cost will be included in the product price.

To keep costs down, we just ship signage by regular post so delivery times are slightly longer.

We ship to the following destinations for these costs:

  • Greater Sydney $20
  • Other NSW $37.70
  • Greater Brisbane $47.30
  • Other QLD $65
  • Greater Melbourne $35.30
  • ACT $37.70
  • TAS $54.40
  • Greater Perth $63.50

If you live outside these areas and please contact me at for a quote.

Buying Wedding Invitations or Stationery + Signage

If you buy both wedding invitations or stationery and signage, postage will be $10 for your wedding invitations and stationery, and in addition the applicable signage cost. For example, for shipping to Greater Sydney, the cost would be $10 for your wedding invitations and stationery, and an additional $10 included in the signage cost. 

This is because we will ship your signage and invitations in separate boxes.

Returns & Refunds

Wedding invitations and stationery are customised items so we don't do returns.

We have tracking on all our deliveries. However, if for any reason you do not receive your delivery, or your wedding stationery is damaged when it arrives, please be assured we will work with you to resolve the issue.

For example, if some of your invitations were damaged we may reprint and send for free.

If there was an error with your wording that was our fault, we may reprint and send for free.

We do pack everything very carefully and have never had any issues with damaged items.

We also send you drafts of everything for your approval before printing to ensure you can check all your wording before we print.